Officers and Trustees:

Ruth A. Doan, President

Michael L. Dow, Vice President

Willard A. Mott, Treasurer

Diane Hullet, Secretary


Stephen P. Carras

James Fitterling

Alden Lee Hanson

Bonnie Buchanan Matheson

Suzanna McCuan

Lilla Y. M. Ohrstrom

Sarah Opperman

Stephanie R. Scheets

Macauley Whiting, Jr.

Associate Trustees:

Grace Hilliard

Maximilian O’Hare

Officers and Trustees:  Front Row (left to right, seated) Diane Hullet, Secretary; Michael L. Dow, Vice President; Ruth A. Doan, President; Willard A. Mott, Treasurer; Stephanie R. Scheets

Trustees and Associate Trustee:  Back Row (left to right, standing) Bonnie Buchanan Matheson; Maximilian O’Hare (Associate Trustee); Lilla Y. M. Ohrstrom; Alden Lee Hanson; Stephen P. Carras; Sarah Opperman

Trustees and Associate Trustee Absent from Group Photo: James Fitterling; Grace Hilliard (Associate Trustee); Suzanna McCuan; Macauley Whiting, Jr.