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It is unlikely that Grace A. Dow foresaw the impact of her future. Born in Midland, Michigan in 1869 she graduated with only a handful of other women. Through her active participation in social & civic groups and through her incredible acts of philanthropy she would reshape the landscape of Midland and the state of Michigan.

After marrying a young chemist from Ohio, Grace left her job as a teacher (as was expected of a married woman.) She turned her focus toward her growing family. As The Dow Chemical Company grew, however, Grace dedicated her time, talent, and treasure to giving back to the community that raised her.

Grace established The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation in 1936, in memory of her husband. The Foundation has charter goals to improve the educational, religious, economic, and cultural lives of Michigan’s people as their needs can be defined in a world which constantly presents different challenges and opportunities.

Portrait of Grace A. Dow